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Q: Why is Marcie called Marcie? (^)

A: As we all know, Marcie is a close friend of Snoopy, in the real and the virtual world. Marcie reads ANDL, a concise, but human-readable format Snoopy and Marcie made up together for their one-way communication.

Q: How does a name in Marcie look like? (^)

A: At first all names have to be unique in a net. It can contain any of the following elements:

  • letters a-z and A-Z
  • numbers 0-9
  • underscore _

A name has to start with a letter or underscore and followed by any combination of all elements above.

With this we follow the same name convention as most of the programming languages. The uniqueness is needed to surely identify each entity during analysis and simulation.

Q: What keywords are reserved in Marcie? (^)

A: There are a couple of keywords in Marcie, which should not be used at any place, except for comments. Here is a list of the reserved keywords:

  • pn, cpn, hpn, xpn, spn, gspn, xspn,
  • const, bool, int, double, string, enum,
  • atan, tan, asin, sin, acos, cos, abs, sqr, sqrt, floor, ceil, log, log10, exp, binomial, d, d2,
  • function, DeterministicFiring, Deterministic, ImmediateFiring, Immediate, ScheduledFiring, Scheduled, BioLevelInterpretation, LevelInterpretation, BioMassAction, MassAction,
  • max, min, pow, prod, sum, true, false, oo.
  • A, C, E, F, G, I, P, Q, R, S, U, AF, EF, AG, EG, AX, EX, EY, EH, FWD_U, FWD_G

in alphabetical order:

A, abs, acos, AF, AG, asin, atan, AX, binomial, BioLevelInterpretation, BioMassAction, bool, C, ceil, const, cos, cpn, d, d2, Deterministic, DeterministicFiring, double, E, EF, EG, EH, enum, EX, exp, EY, F, false, floor, function, FWD_G, FWD_U, G, gspn, hpn, Immediate, ImmediateFiring, int, I, LevelInterpretation, log, log10, MassAction, max, min, oo, P, pn, pow, prod, Q, R, S, Scheduled, ScheduledFiring, sin, spn, sqr, sqrt, string, sum, tan, true, U, xpn, xspn.

The keywords are prohibited in any spelling.

the end

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