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MC2 - Monte Carlo Model Checker

author: Robin Donaldson

latest update: November 03, 2020, at 12:56 PM

BTU Cottbus
(2) Munich; Germany
(2) Monmouth Junction; United States
(2) São José Dos Campos; Brazil
(1) Coimbra; Portugal
(1) Utrecht; Netherlands


  • 2020-10-30 MC2 is happy to join the PetriNuts platform


General Description

  • off-line Monte Carlo Model Checker for LTLc and PLTLc;
  • operates on stochastic, deterministic, and hybrid simulation traces or even wetlab data, given as CSV files;
  • in terms of Petri nets, these traces can represent place markings or transition rates, both uncoloured or coloured ones;


  • No installation required; runs on any machine where Java is installed

Related Papers

Introduction of PLTLc:

  • Donaldson, R. & Gilbert, D.:
    A model checking approach to the parameter estimation of biochemical pathways.
    in Proc. Computational Methods in Systems Biology (CMSB), Vol. LNCS/LNBI 5307, Springer 2008, pp. 269-287.

MC2 has been used in many case studies, including:

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  • [LHY14]
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Related Tools

  • MC2 expects simulation traces, which can, e.g., be created with

Bug Reports

Submit your bug reports and any comments about MC2 to david [period] gilbert [snail] brunel [period] ac [period] uk

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