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Web-based Petri net animation, Sampler

latest change: April 19, 2021, at 10:49 AM


  • pick a Petri net,
  • zoom in/out using the vertical slider,
  • increase token number by left mouse click,
  • decrease token number by shift+left mouse click,
  • select firing strategy (single/intermediate/maximal step),
  • animate by clicking on enabled transition or panel button,

... and enjoy

Known bugs:

  • does not work with Internet Explorer (xsl technology not supported yet);
  • problems occasionally reported with Safari, Chrome;
  • Opera has problems with hierarchical nets, initial marking not given;
  • seems to work fine with Firefox;
  • firing of logical transitions is buggy;
  • comments do not always appear at the right position;
  • splines are not supported

Some basic structures

Some teaching examples

Dependability Engineering

Software fault tolerance

Some case studies

. . . more case studies

the end

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