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Snoopy's bibliography

latest update: March 18, 2017, at 08:59 AM

Please use the following reference to give credits to Snoopy:
M Heiner, M Herajy, F Liu, C Rohr and M Schwarick:
Snoopy a unifying Petri net tool;
In Proc. PETRI NETS 2012, Hamburg, Springer, LNCS, volume 7347, 398407, June 2012

  • Carl Adam Petri's Ph.D. in German, authorised english translation
    where everything begun . . .
  • Beginner's Guide
    a recommendation where to start reading if you are new to the field
  • Tool Related Papers
    papers, explaining Snoopy and its special features or using Snoopy in case studies, authored or co-authored by (current / former) members of Snoopy's development team
  • Case Studies
    papers providing case studies done with Snoopy, sorted according to the application area and types of models used (not exhaustive)
  • External Papers
    papers where Snoopy has been used by authors who are not members of Snoopy's development team

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