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last updated: April 03, 2007


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  G e n e r a l   D e s c r i p t i o n

PInA is a software tool for computation and analysis of invariants of place/transition nets.

The tool is the result of a joined project between the research groups The tool is in use for the verification of technical systems, especially software-based systems, as well as for the validation of natural systems, i.e. biochemcial networks as metabolic, signal transduction, gene regulatory networks, compare [poster "overview on the research activities of our working group"].

Main Features

 R e l a t e d   P a p e r s

  D o w n l o a d and E x e c u t i o n

  1. download PInA.zip (03.04.2007)
  2. decompress the downloaded file in any folder
  3. add the path to the file PinaProject.jar to the CLASSPATH
  4. run PInA with: java -jar PinaProject.jar

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