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C H A R L I E - Bugtracker

Welcome to the Charlie Bug Tracking System. This set of pages is designed to allow people to keep track of issues surrounding development and maintenance of Charlie.

List of active bugs

000192021-05-26 14:45Other19.06.20175OpenCharlie.Charlie Main Class
000182020-01-13 13:51Bugv2.0.212.89325OpenParse error on opening .andl file
000172016-05-03 20:17Buglatest (03 May 2016)5OpenDeadlock while trying to install on OS X 10.11.3 El Capitan
000162014-11-04 11:30Othern/aOpennotification test 3
000112012-06-10 02:04OtherJune 9 charliev2.0.jarOpenfirst use
000102011-12-14 17:40Bugversion: v2.0.171.217 built: 2011-11-043Open#Dst's in stubborn reduction doesn't match with #Dst's in RG
000092011-12-02 13:40Bugv2.0.171.2173OpenAbbreviation for Synchronization-Graph is not consistent
000082011-09-26 11:32Bug2.0-b158-r2085ConfirmedPlugin: import menu item is not visible in menu when reader is added
000072011-07-15 17:18Feature4OpenAnalyzer: please add an analyzer for computing sub/sur p/t invariants
000062011-07-04 12:14Feature2OpenPlugin: add a feature so that plugins can be loaded and unload at runtime
000052011-06-29 11:39Bug4OpenMarking Editor: after a reload the set of markings is deleted
000042011-05-27 14:20Other2OpenChange Internal Message System
000032011-05-17 12:21Feature3ConfirmedAdd option for filtering output
000022011-05-17 11:40Feature3ConfirmedDecouple computation of bad siphons from create all
000012011-03-31 12:57Feature2ConfirmedHelp function

List of resolved bugs

Here you can see a list of bugs that are known and resolved, i.e., the bug was removed from Charlie but it is still in the version that is available online. As soon as a new version of Charlie is released these bugs will be closed.

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