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M Schwarick, M Heiner:
17th German Workshop on Algorithms and Tools for Petri Nets (AWPN 2010),
Cottbus, Germany, October 7-8, 2010.

M Heiner, W Marwan:
Indian Summer School - Petri Net Modeling in Systems Biology
Magdeburg Centre for Systems Biology (MaCS), October 3-5, 2010.

C Chaouiya, M Heiner:
Petri Nets & Biological Processes
Workshop at PETRI NETS 2010, Braga, June 21, 2010.

M Heiner:
Model Checking of Concurrent Systems;
Lectures at Universita degli Studi di Milano, March 2010.

(1) Part I: Petri Nets
(2) Part II: Temporal Logics

M Heiner:
Modelling and Analysis of Biomolecular Networks with Petri Nets;
Lectures at University of Zaragoza, Group of Discrete Event Systems Engineering ( GISED), February 22-24, 2010.

(1) Framework, monday
(2) Petri Net Classes, monday
(3) Static Analysis, tuesday
(4) Model Checking, tuesday
(5) Open Problems, wednesday


R Breitling, D Gilbert, M Heiner:
BioModel Engineering - from Structure to Behaviour - A Petri Net Perspective on Systems and Synthetic Biology;
Advanced Tutorial at PETRI NETS 2009, Paris, June 22, 2009.

R Breitling, D Gilbert, M Heiner, C Priami:
Formal Methods in Molecular Biology;
Dagstuhl-Seminar 09091, 23.2.-27.2.2009

R Breitling, D Gilbert, M Heiner:
An introduction to biomodel engineering, illustrated for signalling pathways;
Tutorial at the Seventh Asia Pacific Bioinformatics Conference (APBC 2009), Beijing, China, 13-16 January 2009.


M Heiner:
Lectures at DAAD-DEDIS Summer Academy, BTU Cottbus, September 2008

(1) Validation and Verification of System Design Specifications, Petri nets used
(2) Error-correcting Petri Nets , Petri nets used
(3) Systematic Software Test and Verification

Remark: to show and animate the Petri nets used in the talk, download our tool Snoopy

D Gilbert, M Heiner, R Breitling:
A structured approach for the engineering of biochemical network models, illustrated for signalling pathways;
Tutorial at Sixteenth International Conference on Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology (ISMB 2008), Toronto, July 2008.

M Heiner, D Gilbert, R Donaldson:
Petri Nets for Systems and Synthetic Biology;
Tutorial at Schools on Formal Methods (SFM), Bertinoro/Italy, June 2008.

R Breitling, R Donaldson, D Gilbert, X Gu, M Heiner, R Ordon, M Trybilo:
A structured approach for the engineering of biochemical network models, illustrated for signalling pathways;
Workshop at BioSysBio 2008, , Imperial College London, April 2008.


I Koch, M Heiner:
Qualitative Modelling and Analysis of Biochemical Pathways with Petri Nets;
Tutorial at 5th Int. Conference on Systems Biology (ICSB 2004), Heidelberg, October 2004.


M Heiner:
Petri Net Based Software Dependability Engineering;
Tutorial at 6th Int. Symposium on Software Reliability Engineering (ISSRE `95), Toulouse, Oct. 1995, 101 p. abstract

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